About Our Lean Labor & Employment Law Firm and Cost-Effective Collaboration

The Sherman Law Corporation Advantage  

Sherman Law Corporation was created to replace the inefficient and ineffective traditional law firm model. Imagine a pyramid; partners, at the pinnacle of the pyramid, are the most experienced, charge the highest billing rates, and typically know the least about Clients' matters because the work is passed on to a team of less-experienced associates, assistants, paralegals, and support staff, the base of the pyramid, who are collectively touted as less expensive to Clients.  

Putting aside the fact that too many cooks in the kitchen rarely yields proportionately higher value, when the cooks are attorneys born with red pens in their hand who cannot even resist rewriting their thirteen year old kids' bar/bat mitzvah speeches, the result is always the same -- the Clients' finance the entire pyramid scheme that leaves them in no better (and often times worst) position than if their matter was handled by a lean law firm with one or two experienced partner-level attorneys performing the lionshare of the work at lower rates. This is not to say that additional representation is never needed, but only when the circumstances, call for it.  To that end, a lean client-centric law firm is prepared to collaborate with other highly-qualified professionals to lend a hand, only when needed. Once they provide the additional and/or specialized assistance, their work is done.  

What Differentiates Sherman Law Corporation? 

We Educate Our Clients on the Importance of an Up-Front Factual and Legal Investigation.

Every single employment matter is highly-individualized; an up-front factual and legal investigation is critical at the outset of representation.  While experienced employment counsel can analyze the various laws at issue in any employment matter and, based on known facts at the time, identify potential outcomes and risks, the frustration for employers is that there are so many variables, any one of which has the potential to change the projected outcome; some for the better; some for the worse. Variables include the forum (state or federal court/arbitration); assigned judge or arbitrator; actions (or inactions) by opposing counsel and parties; availability, credibility of and viability of witnesses; preservation, collection and production of evidence supporting and refuting claims, including, exculpatory electronic communications; and unanticipated events along the way. 

What differentiates Sherman Law Corporation is that from the outset we are strategic, thorough in our investigation of the facts and the law. We constantly think outside the box to best position our Clients. 

We Give Unfiltered Legal and Factual Analysis to Our Clients. 

We tell all of our Clients at the outset that even the most frivolous lawsuits are costly to defend because California employee-friendly laws place the burden, financially and otherwise to refute or prove meritless claims, disproportionately on the employer.  By no means can or should a California employer simply pay-off every employee who asserts a claim, regardless of merit, or the opposite result is likely to occur -- more claims, more payouts, reduced morale, lower productivity and increased defections by the rest of the workforce. 

Our job is to strategically champion your position and do what we can to achieve realistically attainable goals. To that end, from the outset and throughout our representation, since the financial burden lies with you, we will provide you with unfiltered legal and factual analysis and update proposed strategies, as circumstances necessitate it.

We are Responsive to Our Clients Treating their Matter as if it was Our Own.  

We want to devote the time necessary to provide the highest-quality representation at all times. Too many Clients report frustration when their calls to attorneys are not promptly returned or they are told someone will look into it and hear nothing further.  

We care about you and your matter as if it was our own.  So much so that our Clients get to know our family and establish personal relationships with us that we cherish long after the matter is resolved.  

Our Initial Consultation is Free, So Why Not Call Us Today? You Have Nothing to Lose.

Sherman Law Corporation's mission is to provide personalized counseling and representation to its Clients, predominantly California-based employers, executives and/or management, on labor and employment law compliance, everyday workplace issues, and legal actions. Only when the circumstances require additional assistance, will Sherman Law Corporation ramp up staffing and collaborate together with a variety of experienced professionals who share the same philosophy we do. These include other employment attorneys, security consultants, private investigators, e-discovery and document review consultants, paralegals, administrative assistants, experts, and human resource professionals, each of whom, fill an immediate need, add value, increase efficiency, and contribute to the highest quality legal work.   


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