Why On-Line Unlawful Harassment Training Programs can be Detrimental to California Employers?

Lisa Sherman
California Labor & Employment Attorney

There is no shortage of on-line programs that meet the requirements of this law, but let me tell you why live training is highly recommended not only for supervisors but also a separate one hour session for all other employees.

  • On-line programs are no different than traffic school.  They are generic, boring and serve only one purpose – to finish.  Live training incorporates the company’s own policies and prior issues.
  • Live training makes every single person in the room stop and think twice about their own conduct in the workplace both as a participant, a witness, or involved in anyway in a complaint. Presenting the allegations from recent 7 figure California jury verdicts sends a powerful message to all employees.
  • Live training sends a message that the company cares about each employee in the company. An extra benefit is that if there are any unreported issues or concerns employees will either raise them in the group or individually to the trainer afterwards that will allow the employer to fix problems brewing in the workplace before they become a costly lawsuit.
  • Live training is often less expensive than purchasing licenses for on-line programs. 
  • On the flipside, the failure to raise any issues to the trainer is a powerful weapon at trial, along with the training materials, sign-in-sheets, and the complainant’s signed acknowledgements.

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