We call, she is always available. Cost-efficient too!

After the employment attorney hired by my insurance broker to provide harassment training to my Company’s supervisors did not show up, little did I know that her replacement, Lisa Sherman, would win me and my executive management over the way she did.

Her presentation, bar none, not only covered what our supervisors needed to know, but gave real life examples from her own litigation experiences and through recent jury verdicts to wake up our management. After Lisa had informed us about a recent jury verdict where the employer fired the employee for stealing a 68 cent bell pepper, we had a similar situation occur right after the training at one of our stores. After seeking the advice of our current employment counsel, and contacting Lisa, we were sold on her. Since then we have retained her as our employment counsel. After Lisa informed me during harassment training that our proposed employee handbook, that was reviewed by several attorneys and human resource consultants still needed work, she not only reduced her rates to get it done, the final product was fantastic. Since then, we call her when we need her and she is always available, cost-efficient and informative.

We feel fortunate to have her apart of our Company’s family.

Steve; President and CEO of Company based in Los Angeles, California, that manufactures its own and private label branded packaged products that are delivered daily to their 11 retail stores and distributed to major supermarket chains across the country and overseas.