My Top Three California Employment Recommendations For Avoiding Litigation

Lisa Sherman, of Sherman Law Corporation, discusses her top three weapons for employers.

Video Transcript:

Today I'm going to share with you my top 3 weapons that I use when I represent employers in ligitaton. First, comprehensive job descriptions acknowledged by the employee regularly. I don't mean templates or form job descriptions that are generic. These job descriptions are worth the time and effort because they include everything under the sun the employer wants to use for counseling and I want to use to refute claims. Second, policies and practices that protect all of a companies non-public information. Too many times while I'm in ligitation do I see emails and texts sitting on employees personal cell phone are produced and the entire lawsuit changes. Employers cannot claim that they have trade secrets, such as profit and loss statements if an employee can easily put them on their phone and walk out the door with them. This is key and very important. Which leads to my third weapon, which is updated handbooks, stand alone agreements, certifications, and acknowledgements. This goes back to the second weapon. No longer can you have the generic handbook that's prepared by an HR person or on the internet. It is time to have litigation employment counsel who watches continoulsy what happens when these policies are either outdated, not followed, or they just don't simply follow the law. It's simple enough to do and now is the time to do it because it's not going away. Emails and texts are going to be the bane of every employers existence unless they take care of it ahead of time. 

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