Why Do I Need a California Employment Lawyer?

Lisa Sherman, of Sherman Law Corporation, discusses what an employment lawyer does and why you need one.


Employment laws are complex and often counter intuitive. There are so many laws expecially in California where employers and individuals can be held liable regardless of what they know, regardless of their intent, and regardless of what ever they sign with the employee. And that enough is reason to hire an employment lawyer, but the reason most employers and employees retain specialized employment counsel is because there is a lot at stake. 

For the employer, if the employee recovers on claims that are commonly pled, where they recover $1, they get all of their attorney's fees, That's a huge incentive to make that you have specialized employment counsel. 

On the flip side, for employees, it's important for them to have someone who really understands how to get a case to a jury and to say enough to either settle the case or get a judgement. 

Lisa Sherman
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