Our Most Valuable Unfiltered Labor & Employment Law Advice in Our Must-See Videos

Multi-million dollar California jury verdicts and ever-increasing employer regulations over the last 20 plus years are nothing new.  Nor is the public release of embarrassing, incriminating and/or exculpatory emails, text, photos and videos that have caused significant financial, personal and legal liability. Yet, even in the wake of the incriminating emails publicly released in the last presidential election, have California employers locked down their digital information from walking out the door on their former employees’ personal cell phone? 

Because we are concerned that the vast majority of California employers remain complacent, uninformed, and hold unrealistic expectations when employment issues arise in the workplace, our video series, is intended to reach beyond the nuts and bolts of proving or defending a claim, and to understand that litigation by now should be viewed as a cost of doing business in California, and proactive compliance will pay back in spades.

To understand this, all who work in any capacity in California, must fully understand the legal, practical, and financial implications of California’s complex labor & employment laws, the uneven playing field in which employers play, the burden on employees to prove actual damages caused by violations, and the emotional, financial and other effects of the legal process.  By sharing some of our most valuable unfiltered advice and insights it is our goal to educate and empower you to make shrewd, cost-effective decisions each and every time you are presented with an employment matter in your workplace.